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In India, there are few individuals and non-governmental organisations working on the issue of sexual offences against children. Most focus on preventive aspects. Smaller NGOs and networks do not have access to updated information and networks to support their work. There is a need to strengthen child protection services especially for unprivileged communities, support victims and families through rehabilitation, facilitate network building and promote a culture of collaboration around this issue.

Aarambh India, an ADM Capital Foundation Initiative, fulfils these needs by creating a centralised platform that partners with and demonstrates innovative ground programs on child protection especially for the underprivileged, creates and shares knowledge with individuals and groups across India, and connects experts to various stakeholders to take the movement to a tipping point.

4 Years Since POCSO is the first-ever statewide research to be carried out in Maharashtra on the implementation of the Child Protection Law. The report, which was designed by our team, shows that in order to better protect victims of sexual offences, departments & institutions need to be rigorously trained and work together in convergence. It was published on May 07, 2018 by Aarambh India and funded by ADM Capital Foundation as part of the “Breaking the silence against child sexual abuse and exploitation” programme.