Charting Asia’s Protein Journey, Food Report

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After almost two decades investing in Asia and observing the rapid growth in the region, Robert Appleby, Founder and Partner, ADM Capital started to think harder about how we produce our food globally and saw opportunity to help reformulate protein production with investment as well as the risk of business-as-usual (BAU). The Cibus Fund strategy was, to a great extent, developed on the premise that domestic production of animal protein, especially in Asia, is increasingly difficult due to reduced availability of natural resources, particularly land and water. The result of this is increased reliance on imports to the region, making it unlikely that the environmental impact will be borne entirely by Asia.

This global strategy to achieve food security acknowledges the significant increase in protein consumption with population growth and affluence, as well as the associated negative externalities addressed in this report. Whilst we encounter many food companies that may disrupt this sector and bring improvements in emissions, diets are changing and, without action by governments to protect against excessive and polluting resource use, our ecosystems and climate will suffer.

The production of animal protein is responsible for a significant share of global greenhouse gas emissions. In this report ‘Charting Asia’s Protein Journey’ Asia Research & Engagement has examined the impact of this dietary shift and provided analysis to illuminate Asia’s protein journey.