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New Life Plastics

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New Life Plastics (NLP) is an initiative that processes HK’s soft drink bottles (PET) and HK’s food and cleaning products bottles (largely HDPE) in a state of the art facility in Tuen Mun (Eco Park), to produce food grade quality rPET flake and high quality HDPE pellet. These are both be used in the re-manufacturing of PET and HDPE products.

For this unique client, we aimed to create a warm, friendly and natural brand energy with which viewers could relate to emotionally. A harmonic balance and connection with plastic recycling, the environment and people of Hong Kong was key to this direction. A green swirl, inspired by sprouts was used as a design motif. Expressing the continuous flow of life and positive vibe, it conveys environmental friendliness and works as a visual analogy for sustainability and the new life cycle of recycled plastic/s.

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